Friday, March 14, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys!

Have you had enough of the posts about my kiddos? Since this is as close as they are going to get to a scrapbook (for now) I must write down the things that they do so that I do not forget. Maybe someday I will get to that digital scrapbooking...

Our three year old is OBSESSED with
He truly believes his alter ego is Buzz Lightyear. As a matter of fact he has assigned us all Super Hero identities.
Dad - Spiderman
Mom - Batman
Oldest - Buzz's Big Brother
Youngest - Baby Superman

We are not to refer to him as anything but Buzz when he is pretending. It has gotten to the point where we have to tell him to take his Buzz costume off when goes places or he expects everyone around to play along. This morning he came into our room looking just like this (I made him recreate it for documentation purposes or possibly for blackmail someday).
Okay take your attention away from the mismatched pjs. We are trying to encourage independence and this is sometimes the result. :o) I thought maybe his hands got cold in the night and he was being creative. When he got dressed for the day, he again put the socks on his hands. So I asked him about it and he looked at me as if I asked the silliest question ever. He said "Mom, I am Buzz Lightyear and these are my gloves!" and he walked away shaking his head. (Note added - Saturday @ 11:30 pm - still wearing the gloves. Sunday should be fun as he will want to wear them to church). He keeps us laughing - what a joy he is to us.
Just had to add this picture because isn't he the cutest frog ever?! Earlier today before his shower (Yes, we all shower here - much easier and they can still play without having to change the water when those little boy surprises happen.) I could tell he wanted me to follow him. We went into the bathroom and he stood with his diaper off in front of the potty and said tee-tee. I knew he was only copying his brother's so I sent our three year old to get the stool, he stood on it and of course nothing happened - but a girl can hope - right? Right now he is really into giving kisses and hugs to everyone at our house. My heart melts every time I see him coming towards me with those lips in the "Mwah" shape. What a precious boy.

A week ago our oldest had to turn in his first research paper and then a few days later he had to do an oral presentation in costume for the class. He chose Walt Disney from a list of community leaders; I was excited because I am a big Disney fan. He and I had a great time doing the research for his paper and reminiscing about our trip to Walt Disney World a couple of years ago. We are so ready to go back!

After the research was complete - his dad and he sat down to write the paper together. I think the finished product turned out great!

Last night was open house at his school. Oh what a difference a year makes! First grade was a hard year for him for so many reasons. So before the year was over, I began praying for his second grade teacher - my prayer was that the God would provide him a teacher who "got him". As I type this my eyes are welling up with tears, because He answered our prayers with this amazing lady. Our sweet boy is thriving this year - self doubt has been replaced with confidence in who God has made him to be (Matthew 19:26 ). He is not perfect, he has the gift of gab and a short attention span, but this wonderful teacher understands who he is - she sees past these things and recognizes his potential. Thank you Lord for hearing my heart.

For all of you who know the goal he has been working towards for the past 6 weeks, he reached it today. He was named Star Student!! He could not stop smiling for an hour after he got home (his dad and I could not either) from school. We are so proud of him - he persevered even though at times he wanted to give up. What a way to start Spring Break.

But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. Luke 2:51b

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care-in said...

E would be happy to play spiderman with C...she can do the fingers!

Yea for M, I'm so happy he is having a successful year!

Tamora said...

That is so beautiful! I am so glad your prayers were answered! It is so important the for children to mesh with their teachers.
Congrats on Star Student and on the resport! It looks great!

realworldmartha said...

I can remember when my oldest (now 11) was about 4 and he had a batman (I believe) jammies on with cape (before we knew the dangers of capes -per Incredibles). He had a gateish thing on his bed to keep him from rolling off. All of a sudden he put his arms out and went to fly. Before we could do anything bam-splat right on the florr. You could just see the dissapointment. He could not understand why he didn't fly.
They grow up so fast!

His Girl said...

just for a giggle: my girls called him "butt lightyear" for the longest time!!!

this is such a great tool for remembrance for your boys! reminds me of Psalm 145:3-5