Thursday, March 6, 2008

Amazing - just - Amazing!

Well - the snow definitely came down today! We had a great time playing in the snow this afternoon! The snow flakes were the biggest we have ever seen, they looked like snowballs. Jeremy's office closed early and he ran by the store because the boys did not have gloves or hats. Of course on the snowiest day we have seen in years, our 7 year old left his coat at school! So to play in the snow he had to borrow one of mine. :o)

After building our snowman we came in for hot chocolate and popcorn. Then tonight we will probably have a fire in the fireplace. Since this is very rare - we milk snow days for all they are worth! I am so thankful for such fun memories!!

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queenof57 said...

jenn thecsnow is great look at my pictures on queenof57 i'm learning thanks libbie

His Girl said...

I wanna come play!!! looks SO fun!!!

jennwa said...

That sounded like a great day.

mommy to four j's said...

what a fun time. Your blog is so cute I love the colors. Char