Friday, February 29, 2008

How did it happen so quickly??

This picture was taken a few minutes after our 16 month old was born. How is it possible that he is already a toddler?

He is such a copycat - he so loves his brothers and wants to do exactly what they are doing. The boys love to wrestle with their dad before bed. Our little guy likes to get in there and attack his dad just like his brothers. Below are pictures of some of his new toddler activities.
Playing dress up with his brother
Helping around the house

Drinking his first juice box

Copying the big boys watching a movie

Wanting to drive like his cousin

It is so fun to see him changing and watching him learn new things each day! I have to admit though that it makes my heart sad to know that the baby days are behind us. We will never have again...
~sweet smells
~late night rocking
~tiny little features
~cuddling on my shoulder
~little hands grasping my finger

At the same time it is exciting to see what the next season of our life holds and where God is going to lead us!

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Leah Belle said...

I'm with you! The baby days are so sweet! I love to watch the infants at church and hear their sweet coos and cries.

Sing4joy said...

so cute! Thank you for sharing!

mer said...

Oh my goodness...he is ADORABLE!!! I love the picture of him wearing the fireman's hat!

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to that sweet baby smell and how you can smell them when they are cuddling on your shoulder!!

{Karla} said...

oh Jenn! He is CUTE!!!!

And I totally get what you are saying. I keep telling my baby to stop growing... but he's not listening ;0) So bittersweet.