Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

As I think about this day, that is set side to express our love to family and friends, (thank you Hall*mark) it brings to mind a sense of gratitude for the the amazing blessings in my life.

Thankful for surprises...

I know that some people hate surprises, but I enjoy them so much. I love that my sweet husband knows that about me.

Thankful for the little things... For those that know Jeremy you may be a little surprised to hear that he is incredibly romantic. He remembers the things that make me smile and adds special touches to everything. I love that he knows that I adore tulips! Thank you for asking your parents to babysit Friday and for making reservations for dinner - you took care of everything. I am so thankful that I can truly be "me" around you. I love you!

Thankful for fun splurges...

This is such a luxury item and I am so thrilled to have it! It helps me remember how much I have when I get the "I wants". My new toy made making these a breeze.
The boys and I made these delicious cookies together last night (the recipe can be found at Lindsey's blog Cafe Johnsonia). Even though this morning there are still little sprinkles all over my floor, it was so much fun watching my boys decorate each cookie. I enjoyed watching them sneak a lick of the icing off their fingers when they thought I was not looking. I want to cherish these times and create happy memories they will have with them always.

Thankful for laundry baskets...
A little strange coming from a girl who detests cleaning, but stay with me for a second. With three boys you can imagine the imagination power we have around here. Something as small as a laundry basket can bring hours of fun. I enjoy watching them playing together - the most recent laundry basket activity - racing. Our 7 yr. old let the little boys take turns being in the driver seat and he would push them as fast has he could across the kitchen floor. He never complained that he didn't get to ride - these are signs of him growing up (too fast I might add). If he only knew what a super hero he is to his little brothers! No, they are not loving all the time, they can be down right mean to each other, but these are the moments I choose to hold on to.

Thankful for sacrifices...
I thank God daily that I am able to stay at home with my boys. For the past eight years Jeremy has made so many sacrifices to make this possible for our family. Because of those sacrifices I get to do fun things like go to our oldest son's Valentine's party at school today. Today while I am with him, my younger boys get to play at a fun place with slides, tunnels, lots of toys and they will have their favorite snack of goldfish and juice. Maybe someday Jeremy, you can join a Country Club where you can play golf everyday or get that boat you have always wanted. We appreciate all you do for our family!

Lastly, thankful for favorite foods...
It is really not about the Tex-Mex (even though we are fond of it), the fancy dishes or the yummy dessert that we will share tonight. It is more about our time together as a family - to talk, laugh and focus on each other. But I have to admit the Molten Chocolate cakes are a bonus (Also created by Lindsey at Cafe Johnsonia- find it here)!

Thank you for allowing me to gush today about the blessings in my life. I wish you and your family a very happy happy day together!

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Leah Belle said...

What a GREAT post!!

It's too easy as a momma to find lots to complain and get stressed about. If we only take one second to look at the TREMENDOUS blessings God has given us, we will silence our complaining forever.

Thank you for reminding us of this.

God is so GRACIOUS!

{Karla} said...

My kids love laundry baskets too. so fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Sing4joy said...

Aww. That post was so sweet, it actually made me feel all fuzzy about Valentine's Day (which I generally do not.) Thank you for sharing your blessings! And Happy Valentine's Day!

jennwa said...

Pretty flowers, I love surprises too.
Those cookies look yummy.
I too feel bessed to beable to stay home with my kids.
Have a great Valentine's Day !!!

His Girl said...

Happy Valentine's day, my friend. This post is so typical of why i got hooked to your blog in the first place- a sweet, content heart is a beautiful thing.

Lindsey said...

Happy Valentine's! I'm so glad you liked those recipes. (I need to sit down and go through your recipe archives. I see a bunch of things I would love to try.)

lisasmith said...

So thanks to the eyebrow post I totally remember you! Scary, huh? I love the eyebrow post. I have always been scared to use one of those razor thingies. I love the stencils though.

The new blog look is awesome!
I'm linking you up when I sit down to work on my template.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful person you are and it shows through your blogging. how wonderful to see you in this light. i love your site. looking forward to seeing you.
love you :o)

Jenn said...

PS-- The last comment was from my dad. Thanks for your sweet words.

Thanks everyone for your comments! I hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day!

Sammi said...

As usual, I'm late! what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing it. It's so easy to get wrapped up in all the things that we don't like in our life, to focus on the one small thing that isn't going right. We tend to forget all the beautiful things God has blessed us with! I hope you have a great weekend!