Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy!

Amy and I met at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor in 1991. We were in the same Welcome Week family the first week of our freshman year. Who would have known that almost 17 years later she is still one of my closest friends.

Amy is one of the most thoughtful, giving and loving people I know. I am sure if you ask any of her friends, they would say what a blessing it is to call her friend. Ask her to pray about something and you know she is doing it! She even remembers to check back with you to see the status of the prayer need. Amy is always there to listen or hold your hand through any situation. In this day and age of email, she has not lost the art of the hand written word. She sends cards of encouragement, always remembers birthdays/anniversaries and enjoys sending cards on holidays other than Christmas. Amy never forgets to send a thank you note!! Every card that she sends is hand stamped and decorated by her.

In 2001 her husband was transferred to the Dallas area and they moved to our town. I was so excited, because it had been years since we had lived close enough to do day to day life together. Our kids played together, we shopped and she taught me all about stamping and scrapbooking. I love to make cards now, but the scrapbooking did not take - but she continues to encourage me to scrapbook and holds out hope that someday I will find a passion for it. ;o) We had so much fun and I was thankful for the time we had together.

A year later they were transferred to Colorado and are still there today. The Oklahoma born, Texas "adoptee" has a special place in her heart for the beautiful mountains and snow of Colorado. They have made wonderful friends, found jobs they enjoy and found a church to call home. I miss not having the everyday life with her (thank goodness for cell phones), but I am so thrilled that they are planting their roots in a place of their own that they love.

Thank you Amy for your amazing friendship! Just for fun I dug up some pictures from the 90's - what great memories I cherish from those days. Tell your 10 year old happy birthday too! I hope you both had a very special day. Love ya!
Happy Birthday!!


His Girl said...

She sounds like a GREAT friend. What a lovely way to wish her a happy birthday :)

Amy said...

You paint a beautiful picture of me. Thank you so much for the extra- special birthday blessing. Leaving the Dallas area was one of the most difficult things I have ever done because it meant leaving you. Those 6 months of playing, talking and enjoying each other everyday were some of my favorite memories. I wish our kids could still be together like that. We would be so outnumbered. The pictures you found are priceless. Lots of great memories there too. You are a fabulous friend and I am so thankful for you. My prayer is that we will be together again someday. I think I have made a scrapbooker out of you, your blog is a terrific telling of your life with some beautiful pictures. What an amazing legacy. I love you!