Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sickness - Forts - Blog Makeover

Early Sunday morning our 7 yr. old came into our room to inform us that he had just "gotten sick". Eventually, the virus presented itself to almost the whole family, in some form or another (except for the 15 mo. old - he stayed healthy - praying he stays that way!), thankfully it did not last very long.

Since Monday was MLK day there was no school and work for our family, but due to everyone recuperating, we were home bound. So to keep themselves busy,the 7 yr old and 3 yr. old decided to build a fort. They love to build forts and club houses - once built, they deck them out with snacks, books, furnishings - all they might need to make it their home for a few days. If we had the yard space and the funds, I would buy them something like this:
On this particular day things were not going as planned, so they recruited their dad to help in their building project. After each of dad's ideas fell apart (literally), he decided to go to the store and came home with this:

Where they have played

ate meals

watched movies

and slept

Who needs a bedroom or a house! Who knew a $15 tent could bring so much joy?

Now switching gears...

Around the holidays, I decided that I wanted a blog makeover. I contacted Barefoot Blog Designs and she is booked, but can put me in her queue and Everyday Design's order pad is closed. So this is where y'all come in - does anyone know of any other blog designers? Or do you know of a site where I can try to make my own header, until I can get a professional to overhaul my blog? Any thoughts on how I can spruce up the place? Thanks for your help! :o)


{Karla} said...


Come on! you know I do headers! Email me, okay?? ;0)


mer said...

I say go with Karla!!

I love the tent! We have one downstairs that was leftover from VBS one year, and my kids have had so much fun with it! They love to "camp out" in the backyard too...just not in January...our lows have been in the single digits lately. Yikes!

care-in said...

Yea, the names confuse me!! I can just see Jeremy leaving in frustration or aggravation and buying a tent...priceless!!

His Girl said...

the tent was brilliant!!! can't wait to see the new design!

Goodlikeamedicine said...

Hi - I don't know how your email got put in my "junk" folder, but I was cleaning out tonight and saw it. Sorry about that! I will email you about a blog makeover and see if you are interested. Have a great weekend!