Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quiet Time

During my QT's I usually spend time working on whatever Bible Study I am involved in at the time. Our current study does not have daily homework, (our men's and women's groups at church are currently involved going through SHAPE) so I am not sure what direction to take right now.

I was thinking about ordering Lisa Whelchel's
The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study. Anyone read this book?

I was curious what do you use for your Quiet Time? Do you read Psalms or Proverbs? Do you journal and read through a book of the Bible at a time? Or do you have a book that guides you through your time with God? When you get a chance leave me a comment- I'd really love to know what you do. Thanks!!


Amy said...

This is the book I was telling you I got in Dec. I found it at the Grocery store. It is fabulous and I would definetly recommend it. Love ya!

Sing4joy said...

Haven't done that study yet. I am currently working through 3 different studies. One for Sunday School - we are working through the Gospel of Luke. One for a board that I serve on - The Women's Devotional guide to the Bible; although I think this one is really geared towards brand new believers, our small group has had a lot of interesting discussions that have shot off in different directions while answering the questions given. And one for our weekly ladies Bible study where I lead worship - it is a study on Ephesians from Max Lucado's Life Lessons series.(Just started this one this week)

His Girl said...

My quiet time has to happen first thing in the morning or it will never happen... first, I journal prayers... then, I read a chapter or two from the Bible which I have been studying chronologically (I'm in Esther now)along with my Jon Courson Old Testament Commentary.

It took me a long time to find what works.... but this works for me and makes my time sweet, sweet, sweet... time with Jesus without obligation or pressure... just a good chat!

Jenn said...

Thank you ladies for sharing with me your QT routine. :o)