Friday, January 25, 2008

Doing the best with what God gave Ya!

Karla has a great post called Fighting the Frump with Fussy - she and a friend have taken up the fight to help rid the world of all things frumpy.

One of the things she brought up was eyebrows. Something I know a little about - as you can see for yourself.Okay there are so many things wrong with this picture - the crazy spiral perm, the dark eye makeup - but that is for another time. Today we are focusing on the brows.

My mom taught me early in my teen years how to use tweezers, as the thick eyebrow gene runs in our family. I hate to tweeze - it hurts so bad!! I once heard Elisabeth Hasselbeck say that she loves to tweeze her brows in bed because it relaxes her so much that she falls right to sleep when she's finished. That is the craziest thing I have ever heard!!

As I was looking for a picture, I found so many I could share of how not to shape your eyebrows. I found pictures of the not tweezed enough, the afraid to get a uni-brow look so I tweezed too much in the middle (see the left eye in the picture) and my favorite of all - the over tweezed (so sad). Maybe I will share them some other time, but I think one picture is enough humiliation for one day.

It has been a long uphill battle, but I think I finally have my arsenal of products to tame my woolly brows and finally shape them properly. I think it is important to have someone shape them for you the first time to get you on the right track. Once that is done here are two products that have been lifesavers for me.

Brow Razers: For perfect and painless eyebrow grooming and shaping. Contrary to what we have been told, documented evidence proves that women can shave their facial hair and it will not grow back thicker or darker. Tweezing is painful and irritates the skin, while waxing stretches it destroying the elastin. Christi Harris is known for this brow-shaping method and truly believes in its beauty benefits. (Description from website)

My mom and I found these four or five years ago and now we cannot live without them! I am able to clean up my eyebrows everyday in seconds and most importantly it is done pain free! If you live in the DFW area you can buy these at the Christi Harris Makeover Center at Galleria or you can do like I do and order them online.

To keep my brow shape from getting too thick or thin I use these Anastasia stencils. These are great because there is a stencil for everyone (High Arch for me). You can buy these at Nordstrom or order them here.

So that is my two cents on eyebrow grooming. Now I am off to read Karla's post again - why don't you check it out with me?


care-in said...

I'm too chicken to tweeze so I guess I will just loose the elasticity in my skin! I have done the string thing once. It hurt for a second like waxing does but it doesn't last as long. I've seen brow razors at walmart but I'll try your more professional ones!!

{Karla} said...

Oh my goodness -- your eyebrows are like mine! In fact, you look so much like I did at that age! I have to get my photos out of storage. You'd die if you could see the caterpillar on my face!

I starting waxing mine the year I graduated from college. I had them waxed for years and now I just have to pluck the random hair. And YES it does hurt something awful!


dcrmom said...

I'm a tweezer, but this looks highly cool! I want one!!

Sing4joy said...

I pluck to avoid uni-brow - to chicken for waxing. Love the pic too - I think I had that same hair-do.

His Girl said...

Ah, yes... BROWS. I get mine waxed off when I get my hair done... and then at a closer, cheaper place in between. It is pure torture... but a luxury I afford myself since I hate doing it myself :)

fun post!

Sarah said...

Very cool - as a part of my haircut/makeover I got mine waxed and am having problems with zits - mainly above my lips where I had never had waxed before. Ever had this? I'll never do that again.

Anonymous said...

I like the new site! I liked the hook em' horns from son #2! dad :o)

Jenn said...

Care-in: I am about to place an order, let me know if you want me to add a pack for you.

Karla: You will have to pull out those high school pics. Glad to know we have a common bond! ;o)

DCRm: I think once you try these you will never go back!

S4J: Didn't we all have that crazy 'do? What were we thinking?

HG: Glad you are back! Looking forward to reading about your conference, the girls time away and the guys time together.

Sarah: Thanks for stopping by! Do you remember when the product NADS came out - the painless way to remove hair? Wrong - oh my it hurt so bad!!! It is similar to hot wax and yes I broke out like crazy. I also use these razors for above my lip (for 4 yrs now) and have not had any adverse side affects. My ultimate goal - Laser Hair Removal - then no more worries! :o)

Dad: Thanks for the comment! I was playing around with my blog last night. I like that picture too, but it did not fit in the final header.

Tamora said...

I completely agree with you!!!! I will look into ordering the stencils. I try to get mine done about every other month and this month I am due! LOL
I love your new header!