Friday, December 21, 2007


My baby brother is now engaged! For the last couple of weeks he has been scurrying around buying a ring (a very pretty one at that), planning the actual proposal and even planned a get together of friends and family and he was able to keep the whole thing a secret from Jen. Congratulations to you both! We are all very excited for you.

Kudos go out to my middle brother Blaine for all he did yesterday. He got to the location early to go over details with Bruce. Then he waited until Bruce and Jen returned so he could video the proposal. Then he waited some more before their after dinner gathering with friends and family. Thanks Blaine, for helping Bruce on such a very important day in his life. You are always there for both of us when we need you.


Leah Belle said...

Congrats to Bruce! Another Jen in the fam, huh?

His Girl said...

how fun to be a part of all of that! sounds like just plain fun! congrats on the impending sis-in-lawhood!