Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Lights

Last night we did one of our favorite things, look at Christmas lights. We took our traditional drive by of a house that has 65,000 lights (see above) which are computer controlled and synchronized to music. After that we drove to our town square to park and walk around. By the way -the same man who did the lights above, is also responsible for our town square light display - very talented and patient man.

We had a great time, it was a little cold, but the hot cocoa and cookies that we brought took our minds off the weather. The boys loved running around and enjoyed dancing to the music and lights. On Friday and Saturday nights they have lots of activities, so we are planning to take them this weekend.

Our little actor showing us how much he enjoyed his hot cocoa and cookie.

My boys love to take pictures with the camera. This one was taken by our 3 year old.
The tree picture was taken by our 7 year old. I hope Santa brings them the camera's they asked for this year. ;o)


His Girl said...

sounds like a great time! Your son makes me want to have one of those cookies! it looks wonderful ;)

care-in said...

the pictures in your card were great! We need to get down to the town square, E loves the lights.

sognatrice said...

I just wrote about driving around looking at Christmas lights too! Of course mine is in the past tense since Italians don't really get into such things, but still....

Your boys are *very* talented photographers, so yes, I definitely hope Santa brings them what they want :)

Ah, and thanks for linking to me in your sidebar! Happy holidays!