Monday, November 12, 2007

Relaxing Saturday

Saturday morning we woke up, had a late big breakfast and then made the trek to the Arboretum.

The objective was to get a picture for the Christmas card, but three pictures in - I knew it was not going to happen.
Once I let it go and relaxed (sad that a picture can make me so stressed and grumpy), we had a great afternoon "exploring" the gardens. We spent a long time at this great hill where the boys got to be boys. They laughed, screamed, ran and rolled down the hill and were happy, muddy and sweaty boys when they were through. They had a wonderful time - Jeremy and I enjoyed watching them be wild and free. We really enjoyed our time together and I look forward to going back in the Spring to see all the beautiful tulips in bloom. What a fabulous day!

Still holding out hope for that one good picture!! Please feel free to share your sugesstions - thanks! :o)


simplesiren said...

Your sons are gorgeous. The baby is simply adorable! Last year I had to Photoshop two pictures together to get my Christmas card photo. Good luck!

Leah Belle said...

What a beautiful place! I want to go there!
Your boys are cuties. Just keep trying on the pic!

care-in said...

You could do a collage of your favorite pictures. Go to Virginia's blog and she has instructions for shutterfly.