Friday, September 28, 2007

Trials of Potty Training

As I walked to the laundry room to wash yet another load of items covered with "TT", I said out loud "well at least for the last two days he has gone on the tile instead of the carpet." After I said that I thought "How sad that I am actually thankful that he went to the bathroom on the tile". Hopefully someday I can say I am thankful that he is going IN the potty. One can only hope...

Earlier he was suppose to be trying to "go"and during this session on the potty, I had already gone back and put him on the potty SEVERAL times. I decided to check on him and this is how I found him.

I was so frustrated that he was off again, but all I could do was smile. I guess you have to find joy where you can - during these dark days of potty training! :o)


Tamora said...

LOL that cracks me up :*)
What a cutie. I know it is frustating. Hang in there, this to shall pass :*)

Leah Belle said...

How funny and cute. In spite of all the frustrations of child-rearing, they always manage to make us laugh and smile don't they?

Who needs TV for entertainment! :D