Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Random Thoughts

While visiting yesterday with Karen she told me about a burger place called Mooyah. The burgers are huge, so unless you have a big appetite, go for the "Mooyah Junior". Also they are not stingy with the fries, the four of us could have split one regular order of fries. The food was delicious! If you live in the DFW area you should give it a try.

Our plan was to get the burgers to go and have a picnic at a park. But as you can tell, (from the pictures) they did not have much time to play. Our youngest is learning to use a sippy cup, so I added a picture for his grandparents.

Monday afternoon we watched the movie Facing the Giants (we are a little behind). It was so good, that I have decided to buy the movie for the boys to watch when they get older. Check out the behind the scenes infomation. Rent the DVD if you have not seen it yet - I think you will enjoy it!

Lastly, this morning I went to a brunch for my church Bible study group and took two dishes. I have posted the recipes on my recipe blog.

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