Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vacation Pt. 1

For our vacation this year we drove to Stinnett (an hour north of Amarillo) to visit my parents. Some of you may not know, but my dad accepted a position as Pastor of FBC Stinnett in November. We REALLY miss them not being here, but are thankful that God provided them a new church to minister/serve in.

At the beginning of the summer our seven year old decided he wanted to take a "Road Trip". He talked about it everyday until we told him we would do it. So that it felt somewhat like a road trip, I planned on the way back home an overnight stay in Lubbock. Thirty minutes into the start of the trip, his first question was "Are we almost there?", we had six hours to go! :o)

We stopped in a small town called Clarendon and played at a park. This park has huge beautiful trees; we live in a city that is rapidly growing and changing so we are used to only seeing new "stick" trees. The stop was four hours into the trip, and our oldest said "I admit it, I don't like road trips. Can we please fly the rest of the way?" All Jeremy and I could do was laugh!

We had a great visit with my parents and they were even kind enough (or crazy) to keep the boys for us a few days so we could take a mini trip to Glorieta/Santa Fe (I will post about that later). The boys had fun being alone with them and were spoiled rotten. Thanks again Mommal and Popple!!

The boys had fun "camping out" in Mom and Dad's RV. I use camping loosely as it was parked in my parents side yard and they watched DVDs before they went to sleep. We need to take them on a real camping vacation but sorry Leah, I think it will be in an RV (your more adventurous than me). :o)

Our friends, Craig and Stacie, live in a town near my parents so we had a chance to see them. Craig and Jeremy were roommates at Angelo State University. It was so great to catch up with them and see how much their kids have changed. Thanks for the yummy fajitas!!

Speaking of food... Mom and dad took us to Spearman for BBQ at the Hungry Cowboy. If you are ever in that area you should give it a try-- their ribs and sausage were delicious!

I am not a "scrapbooker" (no hate mail please), but I have always taken lots of pictures. Now that I have started this blog, I realize that I do not take enough pictures. I can not believe that I only have one picture of my mom from the trip (sorry mom). I am going to get better at keeping my camera with me at all times!


Tamora said...

It is so good to see your mom and dad!!!!! I love the slide shows... I will have to work on those. I like the picture pile one! I keep my camera in my purse so I will have it. I had gotten bad about taking pictures until I got my sony. The "Are we there yet?" come from Kierstyn before we get out of our hometown.

Leah Belle said...

I am jealous of your visit to Glorieta/Santa Fe!

Our son doesn't say "are we there yet" He just says, "its taking too long" the entire time.

care-in said...

I am so loving all these pictures! It makes up for not seeing you guys very often. I'm not a camper either so an rv would be my way to go too. My grandfather had a motor home and it was always fun to take trips in that.

Love your profile picture by the way...are you for hire?!!!