Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I was not introduced to "blogging" until January when Karen started her blog. Most bloggers list blogs they read; so being curious I would click on the links. Before you know it you are several pages away from the original blog you started reading and now you are reading a missionary's blog in the jungles of Venezuela (which I did last night). Those of you fellow bloggers understand what I am talking about. From time to time I will share things I find-- here are couple for today.

I recently found The Pioneer Woman who Cooks blog. I love it because she shows you step by step (in pictures) the recipe making process. If you like to cook and are in need of new recipes check it out.

I saw this video (David Crowder Band "O Praise Him") a few months ago at The TCM Blog and knew if I ever started my blog I would definitely post it. Haven't you ever felt that inner turmoil when you are at church, when you are signing a worship song that TRULY moves you? You feel like you are going to "combust" if you do not stand to your feet or fall to your knees to show God "outward" praise. But no "I can't do that everyone else is sitting; what would they think of me!" To me this would be the ultimate example of that--wouldn't God smile! Oh to be this bold!

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